My name is Shashank and I am the founder of MagicAPI. I created MagicAPI to sort out the pinpoint of earnings from my APIs.

So, I had a startup called Pipfeed. Pipfeed was a personalized news reading app that learns from your past articles that you have read, liked, commented etc and finds similar articles that you would like to read based on your past interactions.

The app didn’t work but the AI model and the article extractor was really good. So I put it up as an API on RapidAPI. But RapidAPI talked a bit cut as commission. So I thought of creating a platform where users can sign up directly. But it turned it is a hard problem to solve.

I and my cofounder(Arjun Narula) reached out to other API providers and we realized they have the same problem as well that’s when we realized a platform like MagicAPI is needed.

Why is it hard to create a platform like this?

There are a lot of restrictions

  • Latency: The platform should add minimal overhead latency to each request (at max 100ms).
  • Scalability: The platform should be able to scale to billions of API calls (with over 50k TPS.)
  • Authentication: The platform should be able to handle API Key generation and authentication for billions of requests.
  • Analytics: The platform should provide analytics to both API providers and their users.
  • Billing: The platform must handle billing for the API providers and their users.
  • Support Centre: The API providers should be able to talk to their customers directly and vice versa.

This is really expensive for an API provider to build themselves. But MagciAPI is able to create one platform that can be used by a large number of API providers to keep the cost down. With each additional API Provider, the cost is reduced for each user.

We are building a platform for API providers. We have two main tenets:

  • Make sure API Providers are able to earn more.
  • Best experience for users of API Providers.

We will do everything to make sure our API Providers are able to earn more and their users have the best experience.

If this sounds like something you want, fill out this form and join our waitlist. We will start rolling out access starting early May 2023.

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