Looking for a way to earn passive income? Check out these three SaaS solutions designed to generate $1000 monthly using WHOIS API and DNS Checker API. Perfect for developers and indie hackers, these tools offer domain monitoring, acquisition, and security features that clients need.

Discover how you can leverage WHOIS and DNS Checker APIs to create lucrative SaaS solutions that generate at least $1000 per month. These innovative ideas combine powerful domain management tools with essential security features, offering developers and indie hackers the perfect opportunity to build profitable and impactful services. The integration of WHOIS and DNS Checker APIs presents unique opportunities for developing SaaS solutions that address common needs in domain management, monitoring, and security. Here are three viable ideas that can generate at least $1000 per month, each leveraging the capabilities of these APIs to deliver valuable services to businesses and individuals.

Idea 1: Domain Monitoring and Alert Service

Domain monitoring is essential for businesses and individuals who want to maintain control over their digital assets. By using WHOIS API and DNS Checker APIs, a SaaS solution can be developed to provide real-time monitoring and alerts for any changes in domain registration and DNS records.


  1. WHOIS Monitoring: This feature continuously tracks changes in domain registration details such as ownership, registrar, and expiration dates. Users can be alerted to any updates, helping them stay informed about their domains or competitors’ domains. The inclusion of a free API option can attract small businesses and individuals.
  2. DNS Monitoring: By monitoring DNS records, users can detect changes in A, AAAA, MX, NS, and TXT records. This helps in identifying potential security issues or unauthorized modifications.
  3. Alerts and Notifications: Users receive real-time notifications via email or SMS for any detected changes. This ensures timely action can be taken in response to unauthorized or unexpected modifications.
  4. Dashboard and Reporting: A comprehensive dashboard allows users to view historical changes and generate detailed reports. This aids in auditing and maintaining a record of all modifications.

Revenue Model

  • Subscription Plans: Offer monthly or yearly subscription plans based on the number of domains monitored. Pricing could start at $10 per month for monitoring a set number of domains.
  • Premium Features: Additional charges for features like detailed reporting, SMS alerts, and priority support. An open API can be provided for developers to integrate monitoring into their applications.

Estimated Revenue

With 100 subscribers paying $10 per month, this service can generate $1000 monthly.

Idea 2: Domain Acquisition and Research Tool

A tool that aids users in finding, researching, and acquiring domain names can be highly valuable, especially for businesses looking to expand their online presence. Combining WHOIS and DNS Checker APIs, this tool provides comprehensive data on domain availability and ownership.


  1. Domain Availability Checker: Utilizing the DNS Checker API, users can search for available domain names across various TLDs. This helps in identifying the best possible domains for their needs. Including a domain search API can enhance this feature by providing more detailed search capabilities.
  2. WHOIS Lookup: Provides detailed WHOIS information for registered domains, including ownership details and expiration dates, which is crucial for assessing potential acquisitions.
  3. Domain Valuation: Estimates the value of domains based on historical data, traffic, and other metrics. This assists users in making informed purchasing decisions.
  4. Acquisition Assistance: Offers services for negotiating and acquiring domains, including escrow services to ensure secure transactions.

Revenue Model

  • Subscription Plans: Charge monthly fees for regular use of the service.
  • Transaction Fees: Implement a percentage fee on successful domain acquisitions.
  • Premium Reports: Offer detailed valuation and market analysis reports for an additional fee.

Estimated Revenue

Combining subscription fees, transaction fees, and premium report sales, this service can generate $1000 monthly.

Idea 3: Domain Security and Compliance Checker

Ensuring domain security and compliance is critical for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of a business’s online presence. A SaaS solution that regularly checks WHOIS and DNS records for vulnerabilities and compliance issues can provide significant value.


  1. Security Scans: Regular scans of DNS records to identify potential security vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations or outdated records. This helps in maintaining a secure domain environment.
  2. Compliance Checks: Verifies compliance with industry standards and regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA), ensuring that domains meet legal requirements.
  3. WHOIS Accuracy Verification: Ensures that WHOIS information is accurate and up-to-date to prevent domain hijacking and maintain control over the domain.
  4. Actionable Insights: Provides users with actionable insights and recommendations to improve domain security and compliance. This helps in proactively managing and mitigating risks.

Revenue Model

  • Subscription Plans: Monthly or yearly subscription plans based on the number of domains checked.
  • Consulting Services: Offer in-depth security and compliance audits as consulting services.
  • Reports and Audits: Sell detailed security and compliance audit reports as one-time purchases.

Estimated Revenue

With 50 subscribers paying $20 per month, this service can generate $1000 monthly.

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